Instructions for the use of recovervat

 WARNING: Recovervat can only be used for the follow-up of VAT refund applications filed following the instructions provided by the program (so the refund process of VAT refund applications filed otherwise cannot be followed-up by this application)

  • To have access to this application you must be a registered user. If you are not a registered user and want to use “recovervat” for the follow-up of a VAT refund application as non-established in another member state, you must first register and follow the instructions given by the system before filing the VAT refund.
  • After you register you must complete an “Open dossier” questionnaire to identify the VAT refund application (period and EU member state where the VAT quotas to recover were incurred) for which you want to use “recovervat” to do the follow-up. So you can send the questionnaire you must accept the conditions of the service and pay for the use of this service following any of the possible options.
  • After sending the questionnaire you will receive a confirmation from the system that a dossier has been opened for the corresponding VAT refund application along with an e-mail address linked to the same (i.e. The next time that you register in “recovervat” you will have access to the dossier so generated by the system.
  • Complete and file the corresponding VAT refund application indicating the e-mail address provided by “recovervat” at the previous step, as the one to which the authorities must send any future correspondence related to the VAT refund process.
  • “Recovervat” will send you warning messages informing you of any future correspondence received from tax authorities at the said e-mail address. The answer to this correspondence must be done through “recovervat” interface. To this end you must register at this site and enter into the corresponding dossier.
  • A copy of all the correspondence received and send through the system at said e-mail address will be stored at the corresponding dossier. “Recovervat” will also allow you to upload to the corresponding dossier electronic copies of the VAT application filed and of any document related to the same.
  • You can access all your dossiers on-line from any computer by registering with your username and password at this website.

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