About us

Recovervat is a website that offers specialized information and support for the recovery of the VAT incurred in any country of the European Union when the same cannot be recovered through the VAT returns at the country of residency but, instead, the special refund procedure for the non-established of Council Directive 2008/9/CEE of 12 February 2008 must be followed.

This website is a one-stop-shop for companies and individual entrepreneurs that operate in different countries of the European Union as well as for advisors where they can find:

  • Comprehensive information about the VAT refund procedure for the non-established.
  • Specialized VAT advice through an international network of European VAT specialists so you can deal with any doubts and incidences that may arise during the refund process, such as:
    • Preliminary queries as to the eligibility for refund of the VAT quotas incurred in another member state, documents required, incidences occurring during the electronic filing process, etc.
    • Lines of action required so to deal with notifications received in local language from the relevant VAT authorities of the member state where the VAT was incurred.
  • A cloud application developed with an European leading company of specialized VAT software allowing the on-line follow-up of the non-established VAT refund applications.

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